Our teams at your service

CPR AM’s major strength lies with its talented and fully committed teams. Our solid experience and broad expertise are highly recognized within the industry in France and abroad. Beyond designing innovative products, our aim is to provide global solutions that fully address our clients’ needs.

Top management team

CV Valérie Baudson
Valérie Baudson

Valérie Baudson, CEO of CPR Asset Management - Member of Amundi General Management Committee

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CV Nadine Lamotte
Nadine Lamotte

Nadine Lamotte, Deputy CEO & CFO of CPR Asset Management

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CV Emmanuelle Court
Emmanuelle Court

Emmanuelle Court, Deputy CEO heading Business Development of CPR Asset Management

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CV Arnaud Faller
Arnaud Faller

Arnaud Faller, , Deputy CEO & CIO of CPR Asset Management

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CV Gilles Cutaya
Gilles Cutaya

Gilles Cutaya, Deputy CEO Head of International Development, Marketing & Communication at CPR Asset Management

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CV Julien Daire
Julien Daire

Julien Daire, Head of Fixed Income Department 

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CV Vafa Ahmadi
Vafa Ahmadi

Vafa Ahmadi, Managing Director, Head of Global Thematic Equities

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