Tuesday 08 March 2022

Press release

CPR AM reports positive year and accelerates developments in thematic management and impact investing

Paris, 8 March 2022 – CPR AM, a subsidiary of the largest European asset manager Amundi, recorded total net inflows of €3.3 billion in 2021, bringing assets under management to a record €64 billion, representing a +64% increase over the past five years.

CPR AM boosted its international development,  more than tripling its international AUM over three years to reach close to €20 billion as of 2021 year end. They now represent more than 30% of the company's total assets.

CPR AM continues to drive growth across its priority areas: responsible and impact investing, thematic management and allocation, the expansion of its international footprint and retail distribution networks.


Responsible and impact investing: a central ambition

In full coherence with Crédit Agricole Group’s Societal Project, commitment to responsible investing is an integral part of CPR AM's investment culture and has resulted in an in-depth transformation of its assets. 73% of total AUM and 92% of open-ended funds AUM now fall under Articles 8 and 9 of the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR).

CPR AM's impact investing range reached €4.7 billion under management, almost doubling its assets compared to the end of 2020, and is one of the main inflow drivers, accumulating €1.8 billion over the year. It has four investment strategies – each of which posts an individual annual impact report. These focus on the fight against global warming (the Climate range), access to education, the global food challenge and the reduction of inequalities respectively.

Among these strategies, the Climate range saw impressive inflows of more than €1 billion in 2021, and tripled its AUM to close to €2.5 billion. Having been expanded in April 2021 with two open funds invested in credit and European equities, CPR AM’s Climate range now covers the main asset classes.

CPR AM intends to become a key player in the field of impact investing. The company will mobilise its expertise and devote increased research efforts to the continuous improvement of impact indicators and the extension of its impact product range. The objective is to reach €7 billion managed in impact funds by 2025.


Thematic management and allocation: a flagship, growth driving expertise

CPR AM continues to capitalise on the success of its thematic funds and cultivates its ambition to remain a major player in this segment. Thematic equities had another impressive year, with inflows of €3.81 billion. Assets under thematic management have multiplied by more than 2.5 in three years, surpassing €21 billion.

Along with responsible investment, innovation is the other pillar of CPR AM's thematic philosophy. In November 2021, the management company has distinguished itself by issuing one of the first actively managed thematic funds on the market to the hydrogen value chain, a critical component in the transition towards carbon neutrality.

2022 will continue to see strong innovation by CPR AM's thematic management teams. One of the main highlights will be the implementation of a new thematic allocation service for CPR AM’s distributor and institutional clients, the principles of which were set out by the Research and Strategy teams in a White Paper published in February 2022.

A new thematic and impact international equity fund, dedicated to a sustainable Blue Economy, will be launched in June 2022.


Le Comptoir, the brand dedicated to financial advisers: a priority area for development

Over the course of ten years, Le Comptoir has increased its AUM fivefold, surpassing €2 billion 2021. Over the year, the platform raised inflows of € 170 million.

In addition to real estate and CPR AM’s historical expertise in asset allocation, the importance thematic and impact management places on meaningful investment strengthens the company’s relations with financial advisers.

As financial advisers see their jobs become increasingly  complex, CPR AM is keen to provide support and services. One of the management company's objectives for 2022 is to strengthen its educational support efforts, in particular on responsible investment in order to support financial advisers with wealth advice.


Olivier Mariée, CEO of CPR AM comments: “Thanks to a strategic focus on promising areas of the market, CPR AM finished the year 2021 on a high. In the disturbed geopolitical context of 2022, supporting our clients will remain our priority and prudence will dictate our investment policies. In parallel, we intend to strengthen our lead in responsible and thematic investing, while continuing our commitment to geographical diversification, innovation and support for clients and their evolving needs.”

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